Villa Castanea
Opened on September 3, 2010.
Location: Villa Castanea, No. 266, Puandian, Wan’an East Road, Haidian District, Beijing
Tel: 010-62720130、010-62720131
Official website:
Meaning of the English name “Villa Castanea”
Castanea:The linden tree (known as the chestnut tree in Chinese, and also called Suoluo in the south) is said to have been planted in large beer manors in Germany in the 16th century. Castanea trees are big and wide, they can use their branches and thick leaves to provide shades and keep temperature for beer cellar, so it is suitable to build a beer cellar underground; at the same time, the trunk of the Castanea trees is suitable for making beer barrels for storage of beer. After hundreds of years, the Castanea tree has now become an indispensable part of the German beer culture, and has evolved into an important symbol of German beer culture. There are 34 Castanea trees in total planted in the Villa Castanea. They bloom and yield fruit every year, growing taller and more prosperous. Overlooking the Fragrant Hills, it continues the cultural friendship between China and Germany, contributes to the cultural exchanges between China and Germany.
Villa Castanea is located between Jade Spring Hill and the Fragrant Hills, about 5 minute-drive from the west gate of the Summer Palace, and all the details are the joint efforts of the Chinese and German teams; the garden-style building of Villa Castanea is led by the famous German designer Mr. Jens Weber. The German design team even took a year just for the draft of Villa Castanea. Just like the personalities of the Chinese and German, conscientious and romantic, which mirror each other and complement each other. The place is decorated with original German furnishings they are traditional and exquisite, elegant-looking and natural. The Sino-German team went to Europe and shipped them to Beijing.
There is actually a German-style beer shop in the banquet hall which can accommodate about 120 people. The unique richness and sweetness of German beer really stimulate the taste buds. You can't resist its temptation and do want to experience the joy of Oktoberfest. What's more, the German traditional band recommended by the Munich Ministry of Culture comes to Beijing every June to present traditional German music.
The overall area of Villa Castanea is more than 20,000 square meters, and the green area takes 80%. According to the terrain and vegetation, the beautiful garden is naturally divided into the Sino-German-Austrian Cultural Exchange Center of the German-Austrian Branch of the European and American Alumni Association, the Fragrant Hills Park, the second phase greensward, Center Square and many other functional areas. All these places are dream places to hold business activities, cultural exchanges, family gatherings and other activities. The German-Austrian branch and the German and Austrian institutions in China have successfully held Sino-German-Austrian cultural exchange activities and conducted non-governmental diplomacy for many times.
Villa Castanea Gourmet
The dishes of Villa Castanea belong to fusion cuisine. It is a perfect fusion of German, Spanish, French, Italian, American and other classic western cuisines with Chinese food culture. In terms of production, not only the raw materials are imported, but the production process also follows the international traditional way and incorporates production methods that conform to Asian dietary habits. The Western food of Villa Castanea has become a special Western food that truly suits Chinese tastes. Among them, the more prominent specialties are: German Roast Pork Knuckle, German Roast Sausage, Freshly Baked Bread, etc.
1) German Roast Pork Knuckle
German Roast Pork Knuckle is one of the most characteristic dishes of Villa Castanea, and it is also the chef's housekeeping dish. The outside is coke and the inside is soft. Because it is roasted with beer, there is a faint beer aroma when you enjoy it, which makes the diners still want some more.
2) German-style grilled sausages
It is true that Germany is the kingdom of beer and sausages. Sausages can be described as the representative of German cuisine. Villa Castanea can provide 6 to 8 kinds of sausages in different flavors. These German sausages are of different colors and sizes, the taste is pure, it is a good companion for beer lovers.
3) Gourmet Gallery
The Gourmet Gallery can be described as a gathering place for delicious food, with a wide variety of breads, cakes and other products, all of them are tasty. The bread is freshly baked on the day of the Villa Castanea Bakery, and the representative breads are: Bavarian alkali bag, German brown sugar bread, various grain bread, almond slice soft bag, croissant and so on.
Cake categories include: Black Forest Cake, Italian Cream Cake, Cherry Cheese Cake, Nut Pie, American Brownie Cake, etc.
Other imported products include: tequila jam imported from the UK, wine vinegar imported from France, pickled cucumbers imported from Germany, etc.