Outdoor Terrace
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Outdoor Terrace


With an area of 720 square meters, it overlooks the Daxi Mountain and the cherry orchard in the distance, beautiful views can be seen easily. The breeze is breezy, paired with some beer, and you can own a quiet and pleasant time; there is the joy of gathering friends, and there is the good atmosphere to be alone, which complements each other. It is suitable for large-scale themed events, company team building, parties, weddings, barbecues, fashion exhibitions and other various activities.
Number of people: can accommodate 200-400 people
Table type: round table, desk, theater, U-shaped table, reception, etc.
Services: housekeeper full service
Value-added services: can customize Castanea Villa German-style fresh beer as gifts
The hardware facilities of the Terrace include: stage, large LED screen (resolution 960X480, size 576X288), speaking platform, audio, microphone, etc.
Free: paper, pen, mineral water